Who Makes Tahitian Treat Soda?

Tahitian Treat is a popular soda that has been around for decades. This fruity and refreshing beverage is a favorite among people of all ages, but have you ever wondered who makes Tahitian Treat soda? In this article, we will explore the origins of Tahitian Treat and the company that produces it.

The History of Tahitian Treat

Tahitian Treat was first introduced in the United States in the 1960s. The original formula was created by the Cott Corporation, a Canadian soft drink company that was founded in 1923. The company produced a variety of soft drinks in the 1960s, including Mr. Pibb, which was later acquired by the Coca-Cola Company.

The original formula for Tahitian Treat was a blend of tropical fruit flavors that was designed to compete with Hawaiian Punch, a popular fruit punch drink that was introduced in the 1930s. Tahitian Treat quickly became a favorite among consumers and was sold in grocery stores and convenience stores across the country.

Who Makes Tahitian Treat Today?

Today, Tahitian Treat is still produced by the Cott Corporation, which is now known as Refresco. Refresco is a multinational beverage company that was founded in the Netherlands in 1999. The company produces a variety of soft drinks, juices, and other beverages under multiple brands.

Refresco has production facilities in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company employs over 11,000 people and operates 29 production facilities worldwide. Refresco is one of the largest independent bottlers of soft drinks and fruit juices in the world.

Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch Soda, 10-Pack – 200 Fl Oz

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If you love fruity drinks that transport you to a tropical paradise, then Tahitian Treat’s Fruit Punch Soda is your must-have fix. With a pack of 10, totaling a generous 200 Fl Oz, this delightful beverage is sure to keep your taste buds dancing from sunrise to sunset.

Compared to similar models on the market, Tahitian Treat stands out with its unique blend of exotic fruits and a genuinely irresistible punch of flavor. From the very first sip, I was instantly transported to a beachside bungalow, sipping on a refreshing cocktail. It’s like a vacation in a bottle!

Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch Soda: 12oz Cans, 24 Units

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I’ve been on a mission to find the ultimate fruit punch soda, and I think I’ve hit the jackpot with Tahitian Treat. This fizzy beverage is a burst of tropical flavors that dance on your taste buds like a luau in paradise. With its 12oz cans and a total of 24 units, you’ll have enough to share with friends or savor all to yourself.

Compared to other fruit punch sodas out there, Tahitian Treat reigns supreme in flavor. While some competitors may leave you with a vague sense of fruitiness, this one is a full-blown fruit punch explosion in your mouth. Its perfect blend of sweet and tangy notes is like a symphony of tropical fruits – pineapple, guava, passionfruit, you name it. Plus, with a total of 288 fl oz, you’ll have plenty of sips to keep the party going.

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Compared to other similar soda packs on the market, LUV-BOX stands out with its stellar lineup of flavors. The 12 fl oz cans are the perfect size, ensuring you get just the right amount of bubbling goodness without feeling overwhelmed. Each sip brings a burst of pure enjoyment, making it hard to pick a favorite among the three diverse options.

Whether you’re hosting a party, craving a refreshing drink on a hot summer day, or simply looking to stock up your soda collection, LUV-BOX Variety Soda pack is the way to go. Its exciting range of flavors sets it apart from the competition, making it a must-try for soda enthusiasts seeking an adventure for their taste buds. Trust me, this pack won’t disappoint!

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Tahitian Treat 12-Pack 12oz Cans

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Let me just say, Tahitian Treat is like a tropical vacation in a can! This tantalizing 12-pack of 12-ounce cans had me dreaming of sunny beaches and swaying palm trees. With a name like Tahitian Treat, I expected a burst of exotic flavors, and boy, did it deliver!

Compared to other canned beverages on the market, Tahitian Treat stands out like a flamingo in a flock of sparrows. Its vibrant red color catches your eye from across the room, beckoning you to take a sip. And let me tell you, that first sip is pure bliss! It’s sweet, it’s tangy, and it’s bursting with tropical fruit goodness.

Now, I must admit, I was initially concerned about the size of the cans. Would 12 ounces be enough to quench my thirst? But let me assure you, each can is like a little taste of paradise. The perfect amount to satisfy your cravings without overwhelming your taste buds. Plus, the 12-pack ensures you’ll have enough to share with friends or hoard for yourself (no judgment here).

The Ingredients of Tahitian Treat

Tahitian Treat is made with a variety of fruit flavors, including pineapple, orange, and passion fruit. The ingredients also include high fructose corn syrup, carbonated water, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and artificial flavors.

One of the unique features of Tahitian Treat is its vibrant red color. The color is achieved through the use of food coloring, specifically Red 40, which is a commonly used food dye in the beverage industry.

Where Can You Buy Tahitian Treat?

Tahitian Treat can be purchased at many grocery stores, convenience stores, and online retailers. It is also available in some restaurants and fast-food chains. The availability of Tahitian Treat may vary depending on your location, but it can often be found in the soda aisle of grocery stores and in the coolers of convenience stores.

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Why Is Tahitian Treat So Popular?

Tahitian Treat has been around for decades and has developed a loyal following of fans. The popularity of Tahitian Treat can be attributed to its unique flavor and its bright red color. The fruity taste and refreshing carbonation make it a popular choice for people of all ages.

Another reason for Tahitian Treat’s popularity is its nostalgic appeal. Many people grew up drinking Tahitian Treat and have fond memories of the beverage. The bright red color and fruity flavor remind them of their childhood and bring back happy memories.


In conclusion, Tahitian Treat is a popular soft drink that has been around for decades. It is made by Refresco, a multinational beverage company that operates production facilities around the world. Tahitian Treat is made with a blend of tropical fruit flavors and is known for its vibrant red color. It can be purchased at many grocery stores and convenience stores and is a favorite among people of all ages.


Q: Is Tahitian Treat a healthy beverage?
A: Tahitian Treat is a sweetened beverage that is high in sugar, so it should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Q: Is Tahitian Treat a carbonated beverage?
A: Yes, Tahitian Treat is a carbonated soft drink.

Q: Is Tahitian Treat sold internationally?
A: Tahitian Treat is primarily sold in the United States, but it may be available in some international markets.

Q: Does Tahitian Treat contain caffeine?
A: No, Tahitian Treat is a caffeine-free beverage.

Q: Is Tahitian Treat vegan-friendly?
A: Tahitian Treat does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and is considered vegan-friendly.

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