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Who Makes Cabela’s Pellet Grills: A Detailed Look at the Brand

If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality pellet grill, chances are you’ve come across Cabela’s. With a reputation for producing durable and innovative outdoor gear, this brand has become a go-to for many grill enthusiasts. But who exactly makes these popular pellet grills? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the brand behind the grill.

The History of Cabela’s

To understand who makes Cabela’s pellet grills, it’s important to first know a bit about the brand’s history. The company was founded in 1961 by Dick and Jim Cabela, two brothers who were passionate hunters and fishermen. They started out with a small mail-order business, selling fishing flies and lures from their kitchen table.

Over the years, Cabela’s grew into a massive outdoor gear retailer, offering everything from hunting and fishing equipment to clothing and home goods. In 2017, the company was acquired by Bass Pro Shops, another popular outdoor retailer.

Cabela’s Pellet Grills: A Brief Overview

Cabela’s pellet grills have become a popular choice for backyard grilling enthusiasts. These grills use wood pellets as fuel, which are fed into a hopper and then automatically ignited by an electric starter. The grills have a digital temperature control system, allowing for precise heat adjustment and maintaining consistent temperatures.

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Cabela’s pellet grills come in a range of sizes to accommodate different cooking needs. They also offer a variety of features, such as a built-in meat probe, a side shelf for food prep, and a warming rack.

Who Makes Cabela’s Pellet Grills?

So, who is responsible for manufacturing Cabela’s pellet grills? The answer is: it’s complicated. Cabela’s doesn’t actually manufacture their own grills. Instead, they work with a variety of third-party manufacturers to produce their products.

One of the main manufacturers of Cabela’s pellet grills is Pit Boss Grills. Pit Boss is a well-known brand in the pellet grill industry, producing a range of high-quality grills at affordable prices. Other manufacturers that Cabela’s works with include Traeger and Green Mountain Grills.

Pit Boss Grills: A Closer Look

As mentioned, Pit Boss is one of the primary manufacturers of Cabela’s pellet grills. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in producing affordable pellet grills that are packed with features.

Pit Boss offers a range of pellet grills, from portable models to massive grills that can cook for a crowd. Their grills typically feature a cooking temperature range of 180-500°F, with a digital control board that allows for precise heat adjustment. They also offer a variety of accessories, such as a cover and a pizza stone.

Traeger: Another Manufacturer of Cabela’s Pellet Grills

Another manufacturer that Cabela’s works with is Traeger. Traeger is a well-known brand in the pellet grill industry, having been around since the 1980s. They’re known for producing high-quality grills that offer consistent heat and delicious flavor.

Traeger’s pellet grills feature a digital controller that allows for precise temperature control, as well as an auger that feeds pellets into the firepot. They also offer a range of accessories, such as a cover and a front shelf.

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Green Mountain Grills: Yet Another Manufacturer

Finally, Cabela’s also works with Green Mountain Grills to produce their pellet grills. Green Mountain Grills is a newer brand in the pellet grill industry, having been founded in 2008. They’re known for producing high-quality grills that are packed with features.

Green Mountain Grills’ grills feature a digital controller, allowing for precise temperature control. They also offer a range of accessories, such as a cover and a meat probe.


In conclusion, Cabela’s is a trusted brand in the pellet grill industry, offering a range of high-quality grills that are perfect for backyard grilling enthusiasts. While they don’t manufacture their own grills, they work with a variety of reputable third-party manufacturers, such as Pit Boss, Traeger, and Green Mountain Grills.

If you’re in the market for a Cabela’s pellet grill, it’s important to consider what features and size you need, as well as your budget. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect grill for your needs.


Q: Are Cabela’s pellet grills made in the USA?
A: Some Cabela’s pellet grills are made in the USA, while others are manufactured overseas.

Q: How long do Cabela’s pellet grills typically last?
A: With proper care and maintenance, Cabela’s pellet grills can last for many years.

Q: Do Cabela’s pellet grills come with a warranty?
A: Yes, Cabela’s offers a warranty on their pellet grills. The length and terms of the warranty may vary depending on the specific model.

Q: Can you smoke meat on a Cabela’s pellet grill?
A: Yes, Cabela’s pellet grills are perfect for smoking meat, thanks to their precise temperature control and wood pellet fuel.

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Q: How do you clean a Cabela’s pellet grill?
A: To clean a Cabela’s pellet grill, simply remove any ash or debris from the firepot and wipe down the grill grates with a damp cloth. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

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