Who Makes Jobsmart Tools

If you’re looking for reliable and affordable tools for your next DIY project or professional job, you might have come across Jobsmart Tools. But who makes Jobsmart Tools? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the history and background of the brand, as well as its parent company, Tractor Supply Company.

The Tractor Supply Company: A Brief Overview

Before we talk about Jobsmart Tools specifically, it’s important to understand the umbrella company that created it. Tractor Supply Company (TSC) is a retail chain that specializes in farm and ranch supplies, as well as home improvement and outdoor living products. TSC was founded in 1938 in Minot, North Dakota, and is now headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. The company operates over 1,900 retail stores in 49 U.S. states, with more than 42,000 team members.

TSC is known for its commitment to serving the rural lifestyle, and its products and services are designed to cater to the needs of farmers, ranchers, and hobbyists. The company’s core values include integrity, respect, teamwork, and innovation.

The Birth of Jobsmart Tools

Jobsmart Tools is one of the many brands that fall under TSC’s umbrella. The brand was created in 2013 as a response to the growing demand for affordable and high-quality tools that could serve both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Jobsmart Tools offers a wide range of hand tools, power tools, and accessories, including wrenches, pliers, hammers, drills, and saws. The brand prides itself on its durability, precision, and affordability, and aims to be the go-to choice for anyone looking for reliable tools that won’t break the bank.

Who Makes Jobsmart Tools?

The actual manufacturing of Jobsmart Tools is handled by various third-party manufacturers, both domestic and international. However, TSC has strict quality control standards in place to ensure that all Jobsmart Tools meet the brand’s standards of excellence.

One of the ways TSC ensures quality is by working closely with its suppliers and conducting regular audits to make sure they meet TSC’s ethical and safety standards. TSC also has a team of product specialists who test and evaluate all Jobsmart Tools before they hit the shelves, to make sure they perform as advertised and meet customer expectations.

Alternatives to JobSmart Tools

SKIL 20V 4-Tool Combo Kit with Batteries and Charger

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I’ve got to say, the SKIL 20V 4-Tool Combo Kit is a DIYer’s dream come true. This bad boy comes packed with a cordless drill driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and an LED spotlight. It’s like having your own personal tool arsenal in one convenient kit. And let me tell you, it’s got some serious power behind it. With two PWR CORE 20 2.0Ah lithium batteries and a 20V charger, you’ll have all the juice you need to tackle any job, big or small.

One thing that really sets this combo kit apart is its longer run time and battery life. The PWR CORE 20 lithium battery has this nifty temperature management system that keeps it cool and running strong throughout your entire project.

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But what really blew me away was the saw line visor on the circular saw. It might seem like a small detail, but let me tell you, it makes all the difference. It keeps your cuts straight and precise, so you can tackle even the most challenging projects with confidence. Trust me, I’ve used a fair share of combo kits in my time, and this one truly stands out from the crowd. So if you’re in the market for a versatile and powerful tool kit that’ll make all your DIY dreams come true, look no further than the SKIL 20V 4-Tool Combo Kit. You won’t be disappointed.

Worx 20V Power Share Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver

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Looking to unleash your inner handyman? The Worx WX176L.1 20V Power Share Switchdriver is here to take your DIY game to the next level. With the ability to switch between two bits instantly, you can say goodbye to those frustrating moments of fumbling around with different bits mid-project. It’s like having a personal assistant that knows exactly what you need, when you need it.

But this cordless drill and driver isn’t just about convenience, it’s also about power. With electronic torque control, you can easily adjust the torque to match the task at hand, preventing any mishaps that could damage your masterpiece. And let’s talk about its battery – it’s not just any ordinary battery. The Power Share family offers over 75+ tools that can all be powered by the same battery. Talk about expandable power!

But wait, there’s more! The Switchdriver doesn’t leave you in the dark (literally). With an LED work light right on the front, you can confidently drill in those hard-to-see areas. Plus, with two-speed gearing and 12 torque settings, you have all the flexibility you need to tackle any drilling application with precision. And let’s not forget the 67-piece accessory kit that comes with it. Talk about being prepared for any project that comes your way. With all these features packed into one sleek package, the Worx WX176L.1 20V Power Share Switchdriver is a game-changer when it comes to cordless drills and drivers. Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple tools and say hello to the ultimate DIY companion. Trust me, once you switch, you’ll never want to go back.

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WORKPRO 108PCS Power Tool Kit with Power Drill

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If you’re on the hunt for a versatile and reliable tool kit, look no further than the WORKPRO Home Tool Kit with Power Drill. This combo kit truly has it all, from a 3/8″ keyless chuck that provides maximum compatibility with drill and screwdriver bits to a rugged construction that will withstand even the toughest projects. I’ve put this set to the test, and it easily outperforms similar models on the market.

The standout feature for me is the cordless drill with its 12V 1.5 Ah battery and variable speed trigger. This drill is not only powerful but also incredibly safe, thanks to its trigger-activated LED for extra security. Whether you’re hanging pictures or assembling furniture, this drill gets the job done with ease. Plus, it comes with a sturdy tool box for convenient storage and transportation.

What sets this tool kit apart from the competition is the attention to detail. The handles are thickened for easy holding and force applying, ensuring comfort during long and strenuous tasks. Additionally, the high strength heat treated CRV construction of the tools guarantees extended tool life. You won’t find a more reliable and all-around tool set on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, the WORKPRO Home Tool Kit with Power Drill is the ideal companion for all your home maintenance needs.

PORTER-CABLE Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 6-Tool

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If Batman were a handyman, this PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit would undoubtedly be his go-to sidekick. With six versatile tools in one sleek package, it’s like having a trusty utility belt by your side. The drill/driver is a real workhorse, with adjustable speed settings and a compact design that fits snuggly into tight spaces. Plus, the built-in LED light will make you feel like you have a Bat-Signal at your disposal.

Compared to other kits, this one truly stands out. The 1/4 in. hex impact driver delivers impressive torque and speed, making quick work of even the toughest jobs. And don’t even get me started on the circular saw – it’s like a mini buzzsaw that effortlessly glides through materials with precision. The reciprocating saw is equally impressive, with a tool-free blade release and variable speed trigger that give you ultimate control. Whether you’re sanding, cutting, or scraping, the oscillating tool has got you covered, and the hands-free, adjustable flashlight is a game-changer.

But wait, there’s more! This kit also features multi-device USB charging, because let’s face it, we always need to keep our gadgets powered up. So, if you’re in the market for a versatile and powerful tool set, the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Cordless Drill Combo Kit is the superhero of DIY. Trust me, once you’ve experienced the Batmobile-like maneuverability and efficiency of this kit, you’ll never want to go back to your old tools. Holy upgrade, Batman!

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Longmate Rotary Tool Accessories Kit: 427pcs for Cutting, Grinding, Carving

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If you’re on the hunt for a truly versatile rotary tool accessory set, look no further than the Longmate 427pcs Multiuse Tool Accessories Kit. With a whopping 427 pieces, this kit has everything you need and then some. From cutting and grinding to sanding and engraving, this kit has got you covered for all your DIY needs.

One thing that sets this set apart from similar models is the high quality and durability of the accessories. The resin cutting discs are built to last and can handle even the toughest cutting jobs. And if you’re working with glass or ceramic, the diamond cutting disc is a game-changer. Just be sure to wet it before use for maximum effectiveness.

But what really sets this kit apart is its wide compatibility with all major brands of rotary tools. No need to worry about compatibility issues here. Plus, the 1/8″ diameter shanks make it perfect for fine detail work on a variety of materials, from wood to metal.

Overall, the Longmate 427pcs Multiuse Tool Accessories Kit is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast. It’s not only high quality and versatile, but it also makes a great gift for those who love to get their hands dirty. So go ahead, unleash your creativity and tackle any project with ease.

The Advantages of Jobsmart Tools

So why should you choose Jobsmart Tools over other tool brands? Here are some of the advantages:


Jobsmart Tools are known for their affordability. While they may not have the same brand recognition as some of their competitors, they are often priced significantly lower, making them a great option for anyone on a budget.


Despite the lower price point, Jobsmart Tools are still made with high-quality materials and attention to detail. TSC’s quality control standards ensure that every tool is up to par, and the brand offers a satisfaction guarantee for all its products.


Jobsmart Tools offers a wide range of tools and accessories, making it easy to find everything you need for your next project in one place. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.


With over 1,900 retail stores across the U.S., as well as an online store, Jobsmart Tools are easily accessible to anyone. You can also take advantage of TSC’s loyalty program, Neighbor’s Club, to earn rewards and get exclusive discounts.


So, who makes Jobsmart Tools? While the actual manufacturing is outsourced to third-party suppliers, TSC is responsible for ensuring that every tool meets its high standards of quality and affordability. With a wide range of tools and accessories, Jobsmart Tools is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable and budget-friendly options.

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