Who Makes Poulan Pro Riding Lawn Mowers

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Who Makes Poulan Pro Riding Lawn Mowers: An In-Depth Look

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, one of the most important tools in any homeowner’s arsenal is a high-quality riding lawn mower. And for many homeowners, Poulan Pro is the go-to brand for all their mowing needs. But who exactly is responsible for creating these reliable and efficient lawn mowers? In this article, we’ll explore the history and ownership of Poulan Pro and take a closer look at the individuals and companies behind this trusted brand.

The History of Poulan Pro

Before we delve into the specifics of who makes Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers, it’s worth taking a brief look at the brand’s history. Poulan Pro was founded in 1946 by chainsaw pioneer Claude Poulan, who introduced his first chainsaw, the Model 245A, in 1950. Over the years, the company expanded its product line to include not only chainsaws but also gas-powered trimmers, blowers, and eventually, riding lawn mowers.

In the early 2000s, Poulan Pro was acquired by Swedish outdoor power equipment company Husqvarna Group. Today, Poulan Pro is a subsidiary of Husqvarna and is known for producing reliable and versatile lawn mowers that are designed to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions.

The Husqvarna Group

So, who exactly is Husqvarna Group, and what is their role in the production of Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers? Husqvarna Group is a global leader in outdoor power products, operating in over 100 countries and employing more than 13,000 people worldwide. In addition to Poulan Pro, Husqvarna Group owns other well-known brands such as Craftsman, McCulloch, and Weed Eater.

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One of the keys to Husqvarna’s success is their commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company invests heavily in research and development to create products that are not only effective and efficient but also environmentally friendly. Husqvarna has also been recognized as a leader in sustainability, earning a spot on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 13 consecutive years.

The People Behind Poulan Pro

While Poulan Pro has a rich history and is now part of a global outdoor power equipment conglomerate, it’s the people behind the brand who make all the difference. From engineers and designers to customer service representatives and salespeople, there are countless individuals who play a crucial role in creating and marketing Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers.

One such individual is Jeff Dewosky, a Senior Product Manager for Poulan Pro. In an interview with Lawn and Landscape magazine, Dewosky explained how Poulan Pro’s focus on innovation and reliability has helped the brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. "We really focus on delivering quality and reliability to the homeowner," he said. "That’s our main goal."

Another key member of the Poulan Pro team is Ron Thigpen, who oversees the company’s customer service department. Thigpen and his team are responsible for ensuring that Poulan Pro customers receive top-notch support and assistance with any issues or questions they may have. "We take care of our customers," Thigpen said in an interview with Rural Lifestyle Dealer. "We want to make sure they’re satisfied with our product and our company."


In conclusion, Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers are the result of a rich history, a commitment to innovation and sustainability, and the hard work and dedication of countless individuals. From chainsaw pioneer Claude Poulan to the engineers and salespeople at Poulan Pro today, the brand has always been focused on delivering reliable, efficient, and high-quality outdoor power equipment to homeowners around the world. And with the backing of Husqvarna Group, it’s clear that Poulan Pro will continue to be a trusted name in lawn care for years to come.

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  1. Is Poulan Pro a reliable brand?
    Yes, Poulan Pro is a reliable brand that is known for producing high-quality outdoor power equipment, including riding lawn mowers.

  2. How long has Poulan Pro been in business?
    Poulan Pro was founded in 1946 by chainsaw pioneer Claude Poulan and has been producing outdoor power equipment for over 75 years.

  3. What other brands does Husqvarna Group own?
    Husqvarna Group owns several other well-known outdoor power equipment brands, including Craftsman, McCulloch, and Weed Eater.

  4. Can I purchase Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers online?
    Yes, Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers are available for purchase online through a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Home Depot.

  5. Does Poulan Pro offer any warranties on their riding lawn mowers?
    Yes, Poulan Pro offers a limited warranty on their riding lawn mowers. The specifics of the warranty may vary depending on the model and retailer, so be sure to read the warranty information carefully before making your purchase.

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