Who Makes Wendy’S Saltine Crackers

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Who Makes Wendy’s Saltine Crackers?

If you’re a fan of Wendy’s saltine crackers, you may have wondered who makes them. These simple yet tasty crackers are a staple on the menu at Wendy’s restaurants, and they’re perfect for dipping in Wendy’s iconic chili or enjoying on their own.

In this article, we’ll explore the history of Wendy’s saltine crackers, the ingredients that go into making them, and of course, the answer to the burning question: who makes Wendy’s saltine crackers?

The History of Wendy’s Saltine Crackers

Wendy’s saltine crackers have been a part of the fast-food chain’s menu for as long as anyone can remember. They’re a simple, inexpensive snack that pairs perfectly with a variety of Wendy’s menu items.

It’s not clear exactly when Wendy’s first started serving saltine crackers, but they’ve been a staple on the menu for decades. They’re a popular choice for customers who want to add a little crunch to their meal or who just want a quick bite to eat.

What Are Wendy’s Saltine Crackers Made Of?

Wendy’s saltine crackers may be simple, but they’re made with care and attention to detail. The ingredients list is short and sweet: enriched flour, water, vegetable shortening, salt, and baking soda.

Enriched flour is flour that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals, which makes it a healthier choice than regular flour. Vegetable shortening is a type of fat that is derived from vegetable oil, and it helps to give the crackers their crispy texture.

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Salt and baking soda are both essential ingredients in the recipe. Salt gives the crackers their salty flavor, while baking soda helps to leaven the dough and make the crackers rise.

Who Makes Wendy’s Saltine Crackers?

So, who exactly makes Wendy’s saltine crackers? The answer is: it’s complicated. Wendy’s doesn’t manufacture their own crackers in-house; instead, they rely on a number of different suppliers to provide the crackers for their restaurants.

There is no one specific company or brand that makes Wendy’s saltine crackers. Instead, Wendy’s sources its crackers from a variety of different suppliers, depending on factors like price, availability, and quality.

Some of the companies that have supplied Wendy’s with saltine crackers in the past include Nabisco, Keebler, and Zesta. However, these companies may not always be the ones supplying the crackers at any given time.

How Are Wendy’s Saltine Crackers Produced?

The production process for Wendy’s saltine crackers is similar to the process used to make saltine crackers for other brands. The dough is mixed using a combination of flour, water, vegetable shortening, salt, and baking soda.

Once the dough is mixed, it’s flattened out and cut into small squares using a cookie cutter or similar tool. The crackers are then baked in an oven until they’re crispy and golden brown.

After baking, the crackers are cooled and packaged for distribution to Wendy’s restaurants. Depending on the supplier, the packaging may vary, but the crackers themselves are generally the same.


In conclusion, Wendy’s saltine crackers are a beloved snack item on the fast-food chain’s menu. While the exact supplier of the crackers may vary depending on factors like availability and quality, they’re generally made using a simple recipe that includes flour, water, vegetable shortening, salt, and baking soda.

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Whether you enjoy them on their own or paired with Wendy’s famous chili, there’s no denying that Wendy’s saltine crackers are a tasty and convenient snack option. So next time you’re grabbing a bite to eat at Wendy’s, be sure to pick up a pack of these classic crackers.


  1. Are Wendy’s saltine crackers vegan?

Yes, Wendy’s saltine crackers are vegan-friendly.

  1. Can I buy Wendy’s saltine crackers in stores?

No, Wendy’s saltine crackers are only available at Wendy’s restaurants.

  1. How many calories are in a pack of Wendy’s saltine crackers?

A pack of Wendy’s saltine crackers contains approximately 70 calories.

  1. Do Wendy’s saltine crackers contain any allergens?

Wendy’s saltine crackers contain wheat and soy, which are common allergens.

  1. What other menu items at Wendy’s pair well with saltine crackers?

Wendy’s chili is a popular choice to pair with saltine crackers, but they also go well with other soups and salads on the menu.

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