Who Makes Snap On Cordless Impact Wrench?

Impact wrenches are indispensable tools in the automotive, construction, and maintenance industries. These powerful devices make it easier to fasten and loosen nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Cordless impact wrenches, in particular, offer users more convenience and flexibility in their work. In this article, we will discuss who makes the Snap-on cordless impact wrench, its unique features, popular models, and comparisons with other brands in the market. Let’s dive in!

Snap-on: The Company Behind Cordless Impact Wrenches

History and Background

Snap-on Incorporated, founded in 1920 by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann, is a leading global innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of high-quality tools, equipment, and diagnostic solutions. The company initially focused on providing interchangeable sockets and wrenches, but it quickly expanded its product range to serve the needs of various industries.

Snap-on Product Range

Today, Snap-on offers a comprehensive range of tools, equipment, and diagnostic products designed for professionals in the automotive, aviation, marine, and heavy-duty industries. Their product line includes hand tools, power tools, tool storage solutions, and diagnostic equipment, ensuring that professionals have the right tools to complete their jobs efficiently.

The Snap-on Cordless Impact Wrench Series

Key Features and Benefits

Snap-on cordless impact wrenches are designed to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and convenience. They offer several key features and benefits that set them apart from other impact wrenches on the market:

  1. High-quality brushless motors provide superior power and efficiency.
  2. Advanced battery technology ensures longer runtimes and faster charging times.
  3. Ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and improves comfort during extended use.
  4. Variable speed trigger for better control and precision.
  5. Integrated LED lights to illuminate the work area.
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Popular Models and Their Specifications

Snap-on offers a variety of cordless impact wrenches to meet the needs of professionals. Some popular models include:

CT9075: 18V MonsterLithium 1/2″ Drive

This powerful impact wrench delivers a maximum torque of 1,200 ft-lbs and features a brushless motor for enhanced performance and durability. The CT9075 is equipped with a 5.0Ah battery, providing extended runtime and reduced downtime.

CT9010: 18V 3/8″ Drive

The CT9010 offers a compact design, makingit ideal for tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. With a maximum torque of 240 ft-lbs, this impact wrench is perfect for light to medium-duty applications. The brushless motor ensures increased efficiency and a longer lifespan.

CT761A: 14.4V 3/8″ Drive

This lightweight and compact impact wrench is perfect for professionals who need a reliable tool for everyday use. With a maximum torque of 120 ft-lbs, the CT761A is suitable for various applications, including automotive repair, maintenance, and assembly. The tool also features a built-in LED light to improve visibility in dimly lit areas.

Comparing Snap-on Cordless Impact Wrenches to Other Brands


Milwaukee is another popular brand known for its high-quality power tools, including cordless impact wrenches. While Milwaukee impact wrenches offer similar features as Snap-on models, such as brushless motors and advanced battery technology, they often come at a more affordable price point. However, some professionals argue that Snap-on’s impact wrenches provide better overall build quality and durability.


DeWalt is a well-respected brand in the power tool industry and offers a range of cordless impact wrenches. Like Snap-on and Milwaukee, DeWalt impact wrenches feature brushless motors and high-capacity batteries. The main difference between DeWalt and Snap-on impact wrenches lies in the design and ergonomics, with some users preferring the feel and balance of Snap-on tools.

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Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is another reputable brand that offers cordless impact wrenches designed for professional use. While their impact wrenches deliver similar performance and features as Snap-on models, Ingersoll Rand tools are generally more affordable. However, some users may find Snap-on impact wrenches to have better ergonomics and durability.

Tips for Choosing the Right Cordless Impact Wrench

  1. Consider the intended use: Determine the type of work you’ll be doing and choose a model that can handle the required torque and power.
  2. Pay attention to battery life: Look for tools with high-capacity batteries to ensure longer runtimes and less downtime.
  3. Prioritize ergonomics: Choose a tool that feels comfortable in your hand and has a well-balanced design.
  4. Look for additional features: LED lights, variable speed triggers, and brushless motors can enhance the overall usability and performance of the tool.
  5. Compare warranties and customer support: A good warranty and responsive customer support can make a significant difference in your overall satisfaction with the tool.

Proper Maintenance and Care for Your Snap-on Cordless Impact Wrench

To ensure your Snap-on cordless impact wrench remains in optimal condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  1. Keep the tool clean and free of debris.
  2. Regularly inspect the tool for signs of wear or damage.
  3. Use the recommended battery and charger for the specific model.
  4. Store the tool in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area.
  5. Lubricate the anvil and hammer mechanism periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer.


Snap-on is a well-respected brand that manufactures high-quality cordless impact wrenches designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries. With a range of models offering different power levels and features, there is likely a Snap-on cordless impact wrench suitable for your specific needs. By comparing Snap-on impact wrenches with other brands and following the tips for choosing the right tool, you can make an informed decision that will serve you well in your work.

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Are Snap-on cordless impact wrenches worth the investment?

Yes, Snap-on cordless impact wrenches are known for their durability, performance, and quality, making them a worthwhile investment for professionals who require reliable tools for their work.

Can Snap-on cordless impact wrenches be used for DIY projects?

Absolutely! While Snap-on cordless impact wrenches are designed with professionals in mind, they can also be used by DIY enthusiasts for home projects, offering excellent performance and convenience.

How can I ensure the longevity of my Snap-on cordless impact wrench?

To maximize the lifespan of your tool, follow proper maintenance guidelines, such as keeping the tool clean, inspecting for wear or damage, using the recommended battery and charger, storing the tool in a suitable environment, and lubricating the anvil and hammer mechanism as needed.

Where can I purchase Snap-on cordless impact wrenches?

Snap-on cordless impact wrenches can be purchased through authorized Snap-on dealers, the Snap-on website, or various online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Are Snap-on cordless impact wrench batteries interchangeable with other Snap-on cordless tools?

In most cases, Snap-on cordless tool batteries are interchangeable within the same voltage range. For example, an 18V battery can be used with other 18V Snap-on cordless tools. However, it is essential to check the compatibility of specific models before attempting to interchange batteries.

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