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Who Makes PSA Freedom Barrels?

When it comes to firearms, the barrel is one of the most important components. It is responsible for directing the projectile and ensuring accuracy. This is why it is crucial to have a high-quality barrel. One name that has become synonymous with quality and affordability is PSA Freedom Barrels. But who makes PSA Freedom Barrels?

Introduction to PSA Freedom Barrels

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is a firearms manufacturer based in South Carolina. They are known for their high-quality firearms and accessories, including their PSA Freedom Barrels. These barrels are made from high-grade materials and are designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability.

PSA Freedom Barrels are available in a variety of calibers, including .223/5.56, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308/7.62. They are also available in different lengths and profiles, such as the government profile, pencil profile, and heavy profile.

Who Makes PSA Freedom Barrels?

PSA makes their own barrels in-house. They have their own barrel-making machines and a team of skilled technicians who oversee the entire process.

The process begins with high-quality stainless steel or Chrome Moly Vanadium (CMV) steel. The steel is inspected and tested to ensure it meets PSA’s strict standards. Once approved, the steel is cut to the appropriate length and diameter.

The next step is to rifle the barrel. This is the process of cutting grooves into the barrel that will give the bullet its spin, ensuring accuracy. PSA uses a button-rifling process, which involves pushing a button with a specific pattern through the barrel. This creates the grooves and lands that make up the rifling.

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After the rifling process, the barrel is stress-relieved to ensure consistency and stability. This involves heating the barrel to a specific temperature to relieve any internal stresses that may have developed during the manufacturing process.

The final step is to finish the barrel. This involves polishing the inside and outside of the barrel and adding any necessary finishes, such as a phosphate or nitride coating. The barrel is then inspected and tested to ensure it meets PSA’s strict quality standards.

Why Choose PSA Freedom Barrels?

There are several reasons why you should consider PSA Freedom Barrels for your next build or upgrade:


PSA Freedom Barrels are made from high-quality materials and are manufactured to strict standards. This ensures that each barrel delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability.


Despite the high-quality materials and manufacturing process, PSA Freedom Barrels are affordable. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality barrel without breaking the bank.


PSA Freedom Barrels are available in a variety of calibers, lengths, and profiles. This means that you can choose the barrel that best suits your needs and preferences.

Made in the USA

PSA Freedom Barrels are made in the USA. This means that you can trust that each barrel is made with American craftsmanship and attention to detail.


PSA Freedom Barrels are a great choice for anyone who wants high-quality, affordable, and reliable barrels. PSA makes their own barrels in-house, ensuring that each one meets their strict quality standards. With a variety of calibers, lengths, and profiles to choose from, there is a PSA Freedom Barrel for every build or upgrade.

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