Who Makes Captain Morgan

Ahoy, mateys! Are you a fan of Captain Morgan, the famous spiced rum that has been a staple at parties and gatherings for decades? Have you ever wondered who makes this legendary spirit? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the history of Captain Morgan, the company behind the brand, the production process, and some delicious cocktails you can make with this fantastic rum. So, hoist the Jolly Roger, and let’s set sail on this journey!

History of Captain Morgan

Origins of the Brand

Captain Morgan was introduced to the world in 1944 by Seagram, a Canadian distiller. The brand was named after Sir Henry Morgan, a 17th-century Welsh privateer who became the governor of Jamaica. The Captain Morgan character on the bottle, with his iconic pose, was created to pay homage to the adventurous spirit of Sir Henry Morgan.

The Man Behind the Name

Sir Henry Morgan was an infamous privateer who made a name for himself in the Caribbean. He was known for his cunning tactics and fearless leadership. After a successful career in piracy, he was knighted by King Charles II of England and eventually appointed as the governor of Jamaica. Sir Henry Morgan’s life was filled with excitement and daring exploits, making him the perfect inspiration for a bold and flavorful rum.

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Captain Morgan Today

Diageo: The Company Behind Captain Morgan

In 2001, Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverages company, acquired Captain Morgan as part of its portfolio. Diageo is one of the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers, with a wide range of iconic brands such as Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and Guinness. Captain Morgan is now produced in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, at the Captain Morgan Distillery.

Production Process

Sourcing Ingredients

Captain Morgan rum is made from molasses, a byproduct of sugar production. The molasses is sourced from various sugar cane-producing countries, with a focus on quality and sustainability.

Distillation and Aging

The molasses is mixed with water and yeast, which ferments to create a “wash.” This wash is then distilled to create a high-proof rum. The rum is aged in charred oak barrels, which impart a distinct flavor profile and color.

Blending and Bottling

Once the rum has reached the desired level of maturity, it is blended with various spices and other natural flavors, creating the signature taste of Captain Morgan. After blending, the rum is bottled and shipped to markets around the world.

Captain Morgan Products

Core Range

Captain Morgan offers a diverse range of products to suit different tastes and preferences. The core range includes:

  1. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum: The flagship product, known for its distinctive blend of spices and rich flavor.
  2. Captain Morgan White Rum: A versatile and smooth rum, perfect for mixing in cocktails.
  3. Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum: A bold and robust rum with a rich, dark color and intense flavors.
  4. Captain Morgan Private Stock: A premium, aged spiced rum with a rich and smooth taste.

Limited Editions and Special Releases

Captain Morgan also produces limited edition and special release rums, which often feature unique flavors or innovative aging techniques. These limited offerings allow fans to explore new taste experiences and celebrate the adventurous spirit of Captain Morgan.

Cocktails and Recipes

Classic Captain Morgan Cocktails

Captain Morgan rum is a fantastic base for many classic cocktails. Some of the most popular drinks include:

  1. Rum and Coke: A simple yet iconic combination of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola.
  2. Dark ‘n’ Stormy: A refreshing mix of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, ginger beer, and a squeeze of lime.
  3. Mojito: A timeless classic made with Captain Morgan White Rum, fresh mint, lime, sugar, and soda water.

Creative Cocktail Ideas

Looking for something a little different? Here are some inventive cocktail ideas that showcase the versatility of Captain Morgan rum:

  1. Captain’s Treasure: Mix Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine for a tropical delight.
  2. Blackbeard’s Ghost: Combine Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, espresso, and coffee liqueur for a caffeinated twist on a classic.
  3. Morgan’s Melon: Blend Captain Morgan White Rum, fresh watermelon, lime, and a touch of simple syrup for a refreshing and fruity concoction.

Responsible Drinking

Enjoy Captain Morgan Responsibly

As you explore the world of Captain Morgan, always remember to enjoy these delicious rums responsibly. Moderation is key, and make sure to have a designated driver or use a ride-sharing service if you’re indulging away from home.


Captain Morgan, the iconic spiced rum with a storied history, is now produced by Diageo, a global leader in the alcoholic beverages industry. From sourcing ingredients to the distillation and aging process, the production of Captain Morgan rum reflects the adventurous spirit of its namesake, Sir Henry Morgan. With a diverse product range and countless cocktail possibilities, Captain Morgan continues to inspire fans worldwide to live life with a touch of daring and excitement.

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What is the main ingredient in Captain Morgan rum?

Captain Morgan rum is made primarily from molasses, a byproduct of sugar production.

Where is Captain Morgan rum produced?

Captain Morgan rum is currently produced in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, at the Captain Morgan Distillery.

Who owns the Captain Morgan brand?

Captain Morgan is owned by Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverages company.

What cocktails can I make with Captain Morgan rum?

Popular Captain Morgan cocktails include Rum and Coke, Dark ‘n’ Stormy, and Mojito, among many others.

How should I enjoy Captain Morgan responsibly?

Always drink in moderation, know your limits, and make sure to have a designated driver or use a ride-sharing

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