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Who Makes Apex TV: Uncovering the People Behind the Mysterious YouTube Channel


Have you ever come across the YouTube channel Apex TV? If you have, then you are aware of the bizarre content they produce. From time travelers to real-life superheroes, their videos are captivating yet controversial, leaving many people wondering – who makes Apex TV? In this article, we dive deeper into the mysterious world of Apex TV, uncovering the people behind the channel, and analyzing the content they produce.

The Beginnings of Apex TV

Apex TV was created in 2017 by a person who goes by the name ‘Steve,’ who claims to be a filmmaker from the United States. The channel launched with a video titled "Time Traveler Who Has Been to The Year 2118 – Tells All," which quickly went viral, gaining over a million views in a week. This video was followed by others with similar themes, such as interviews with supposed time travelers, aliens, and bigfoot sightings.

The People Behind Apex TV

It’s challenging to pinpoint the exact individuals behind Apex TV since they operate anonymously. Steve, the founder, and CEO of Apex TV, is the only person who is publically known. It’s uncertain whether Steve is his real name or just a pseudonym. Steve refrains from sharing any personal information about himself, such as his location or profession.

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However, the channel’s content suggests that there are other people involved in the production. For instance, the channel has created videos showing several people who claim to be time travelers or aliens. These people have distinct personalities, suggesting that they are not actors but people with distinct life experiences. It’s unclear whether these people are part of the production team or just individuals hired for the videos.

The Content of Apex TV

Apex TV produces content that is both bizarre and intriguing. The channel’s primary focus is on time travel, with most of its content revolving around interviews with individuals who claim to have traveled through time. Additionally, the channel covers topics such as aliens, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena.

While the content is fascinating, it’s often met with skepticism and criticism. Many people believe that the channel is merely producing fake stories to gain views and subscribers. Some even suggest that the channel is a part of a larger hoax, aimed at manipulating people’s beliefs and opinions.

The Debate Around Apex TV

Apex TV’s content is a subject of debate among people who have come across the channel. Some people believe that the stories are real, citing the authenticity of the interviews and the people featured in the videos. Others argue that the stories are too good to be true and that the people featured in the videos are actors.

The debate around Apex TV extends beyond its content. The fact that the people behind the channel operate anonymously raises suspicion among some people. Questions about the channel’s motives and authenticity remain unanswered, leaving room for speculation and skepticism.

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The Impact of Apex TV on Society

Apex TV’s impact on society is a topic of concern for some people. The channel’s content is often sensationalized, leading some people to believe in things that are not true. For instance, the channel’s videos on time travel have led some people to believe that time travel is possible, leading to false hope and disappointment.

Additionally, some people believe that the channel’s content is harmful, especially to vulnerable individuals. The channel’s videos on supernatural phenomena, such as ghosts and demons, have led some people to believe that they are possessed or haunted, leading to unnecessary fear and anxiety.


In conclusion, Apex TV is a mysterious YouTube channel that has garnered attention for its eccentric content. Although the people behind the channel operate anonymously, it’s clear that the videos are produced by a team of individuals. While the content is fascinating, it’s met with criticism and skepticism, with some people believing that the stories are too good to be true. The impact of Apex TV on society is a topic of concern, with some people believing that the videos are harmful to vulnerable individuals. Regardless, Apex TV continues to produce content that captivates and intrigues its audience.

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