A Person Who Makes Maps Is Called A

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A Person Who Makes Maps Is Called A Cartographer

Have you ever been lost and wished you had a map to guide you? Or have you ever looked at a map and wondered how it was created? The answer lies in the work of a cartographer. A cartographer is a person who makes maps. This article will delve into what cartography is, the skills required to become a cartographer, and the different types of maps that a cartographer can make.

The Art of Cartography

Cartography is the science and art of creating maps. It involves a combination of skills such as geography, mathematics, art, and computer technology. The primary goal of cartography is to create accurate and informative maps that are easy to read and understand.

The history of cartography dates back to ancient times when maps were created using simple drawings and symbols. Today, cartographers use sophisticated computer software and cutting-edge technology to produce highly detailed and accurate maps.

Skills Required to Become a Cartographer

To become a cartographer, one must have a passion for geography and a firm grasp of mathematics. A good understanding of art and design is also essential for creating visually appealing maps. Cartographers must have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as an eye for detail.

In addition to these skills, a cartographer must be proficient in using mapping software and other computer tools. They must also stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and mapping techniques.

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Types of Maps

Cartographers create a wide variety of maps, each with a specific purpose. Here are some of the most common types of maps:

Topographic Maps

Topographic maps show the physical features of a landscape, such as mountains, rivers, and valleys. They also include man-made features such as roads, buildings, and bridges. Topographic maps are used by hikers, surveyors, and other professionals who need to navigate through rugged terrain.

Political Maps

Political maps show the boundaries of countries, states, and cities. They also show the locations of major cities, rivers, and other landmarks. Political maps are used by politicians, diplomats, and other professionals who need to understand the geopolitical landscape.

Weather Maps

Weather maps show the current or forecasted weather conditions in a specific area. They include information such as temperature, precipitation, and wind speed. Weather maps are used by meteorologists and other weather professionals to track storms and predict weather patterns.

Nautical Charts

Nautical charts show the depths of a body of water and are used by sailors to navigate through unfamiliar waters. They also include information about tides, currents, and hazards such as rocks and shoals.

Road Maps

Road maps show the road networks of a particular area, including highways, streets, and major intersections. They are used by drivers and travelers to plan their routes and navigate through unfamiliar areas.


Cartography is a fascinating field that requires a unique combination of skills and knowledge. Cartographers play an essential role in creating maps that help people navigate through the world around them. Whether you’re exploring a new city, hiking through the wilderness, or sailing the seas, you have a cartographer to thank for creating the map that helps you get where you need to go.

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